4 Steps to Choosing the Right Compounding Pharmacy

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Throughout the year, industry conferences are held across the United States to provide a forum for interventional pain physician to stay up to date with the latest developments in therapeutic and regulatory matters. These conferences provide a valuable opportunity for Hartley Medical and all other attendees to interact with current clients/vendors, friends, and respected colleagues throughout the world of pain medicine. They also offer a platform to create new bonds. For practices seeking new providers for pain products, it is crucial that these conferences foster opportunities to make first impressions but, more importantly, also long-lasting and meaningful business relationships.

The Role of Hartley Medical

Hartley Medical strives to be a source of information and a provider of the highest quality sterile pharmaceuticals. We understand that pain practices must to make decisions based on comprehensive information about a company. To facilitate this, we recommend a thorough process for choosing the right compounding pharmacy. These four simple steps will help you gain valuable insights beyond initial impressions.

Step 1: Do Your Research

Companies often provide information that highlights only the best aspects of their organization. While this is useful, it is essential to conduct your own research to uncover any possible pitfalls. Here are some tips:

  • Google Search: Perform a simple Google search to find additional information about the company.
  • Company Website: Check for discrepancies between provided materials and the website.
  • Social Media: Review their social media profiles (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn) to see what they say and what others say about them.
  • Background Check: Investigate the backgrounds of the pharmacists in charge. Look for qualifications, recommendations, and any past indiscretions.
  • News and Reviews: Search for news articles and peer reviews to gather more information.
  • Direct Contact: Don’t hesitate to call the pharmacy for additional information.

Step 2: Check References

A reputable sterile compounding pharmacy should provide a list of references either voluntarily or upon request. Even if a pharmacy presents well during the consultation phase, checking references can reveal:

  • Advantages and Disadvantages: Learn about the real benefits and potential drawbacks of choosing a particular pharmacy.
  • Honest Feedback: Get insights from current and former clients about their experiences.

Step 3: Conduct Site Visits

Pharmacists might show you polished pictures, videos, or slideshows of their facilities, but these are often staged. To get a genuine feel for their operations:

  • Random Visits: Perform unannounced site visits to see the facility and processes under normal conditions.
  • First-Hand Evaluation: Judge the quality of both the facility and their products first-hand. No compounding pharmacy should deny a tour to a current or potential client.

Step 4: Stay Connected

Once you have chosen a sterile compounding pharmacy, maintain an active relationship:

  • Regular Check-ins: Stay in touch with the pharmacy to ensure they continue to meet or exceed your expectations.
  • Communication: Call and have conversations with the pharmacists and staff.
  • Visits: Visit their locations whenever you are in the area to keep a close eye on their operations.


At Hartley Medical, we are very transparent about our organization. We encourage you to come and inspect our facility. You can find visit us online to gain an understanding of our normal business etiquette. We welcome phone calls and emails at random, just to check in. We also have a readily available list of references.

The best sterile compounding pharmacy is one that has nothing to hide. Hartley Medical is an open book, adhering to the Hartley Standard. I hope to see you at the various conferences throughout the year but, if not, please feel free to contact us for any reason. Our door is always open.