We are Hartley

Our Story

My father, Charles B. Stuart; RPh., founded Hartley Medical in 1979 and embarked on a singular mission to be the best by giving the best.

He was a talented and competent clinician, and was far from a passive professional; he was a partner in the care of our shared patients. Our doctors trusted him. I desired to be just as competent and was determined to set this standard for myself, both personally and professionally.

During my pharmacy education I was introduced to sterile compounding and was immediately intrigued. I immersed myself in the science, technology, and innovative treatment modalities. These disciplines followed me back to our family pharmacy, which began offering compounded sterile preparations for long term care facilities, home care, and hospice patients – each presenting its own unique learning experience.

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As I developed relationships with physicians and other health care providers, I became aware of the deficiencies in treating chronic pain through traditional methods, namely systemic opioids.  I took a keen interest in certain specialties of medicine being developed and, in 1996, was fortunate to meet a kind interventional pain physician who educated me on the technology of intrathecal drug delivery systems and its therapeutic principles.  I learned of the delivery of analgesics into the cerebral spinal space and the achievement of optimal relief in pain and spasticity with less side effects than traditional oral therapy. It was a breakthrough moment in my clinical career, and it only cost me some pizza and a six pack of Coca-Cola.

I believed in the promise of targeted drug delivery and that medications for the intraspinal space would command significantly higher standards for sterile compounding pharmacies – i.e., cutting-edge facilities and control processes. From that moment, I aimed to transform Hartley Medical into a pharmacy committed to more than just high standards; it would commit itself to setting them. Our journey continues to inspire growth through curiosity and ambition, and that excites us. We’re grateful for each physician, patient, and institution along the way that has given Hartley the opportunity to be of service. We look forward to continuing.

Our Mission & Vision

Patient Safety, Prescriber Peace of Mind

Utilize the discipline of science and the power of technology to compound the highest quality sterile pharmaceuticals for alleviating chronic pain and movement disorders.

Setting the Standard in Intrathecal Compounding

Create a legacy of unquestionable integrity and leadership in sterile compounding, and devotion to setting the standard in patient care, client service, and business excellence.

Our Values

The well-being of our patients is the essential consideration of our business decisions.

Delivering more for our patients and healthcare partners isn't just our duty, it's our privilege.

Truth, discipline, and transparency form the bedrock of our healthcare partnerships.

Each opportunity to make an impact fuels the enthusiasm and energy that we bring to each relationship.

Hartley operations are driven by its endless pursuit of a better path to delivering on our promises.

Embracing cutting-edge technology and scientific processes to expand performance, safety, and service.